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Payment Information

Family First Accepts:


Blue Choice PPO

Blue Choice Preferred

BCBS Community Health

Meridian Health Choice Illinois 

For those individuals who don't have insurance or you would like to pay out of pocket our fees are as listed:

Therapy rates are per hour

Individual Therapy : $130

Couples Therapy : $160

Family Therapy : $175 for up to a family size of 3

        **Call for large family rates**

Co-parenting therapy : $180

Family reunification therapy : $200 for up to a family size of 3

        **Call for large family rates** 

Intake Assessment/Interview for Groups

Domestic Violence PAIP intake Assessment: $95

Anger Management Intake Assessment: $85

Parenting Education Intake Assessment : $50

Has the court required that you complete an Anger Management or Domestic Violence Assessment to determine whether you need services? This option is for you:

Anger Management or Domestic Violence Assessment: $200

Group Rate

Parenting: $45 per session for 6 weeks

Anger Management: $45 per session

Domestic Violence PAIP: $50 per session for 26-weeks 

Family First is by Appointment Only 

Please call us at 773-595-5794 to Schedule an Appointment

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