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Individual Therapy & Counseling 

Deciding when to seek help can be difficult, yet it can also be empowering. At Family First Domestic & Family Counseling Clinic, we provide both short-term and long-term individual therapy services. Using behavioral modification and cognitive restructuring techniques, we assist clients in addressing current and past challenges. We at Family First believe that positive changes in thinking and behavior can significantly improve how a person feels.  

Some reasons why individuals seek counseling and therapy:

* Depression or feeling down

* Anxiety or feeling tense 

* Communication Issues & Social Skills Training 

* Separation from a Partner

* Divorce or Recent Break-ups 

* Separation from their Children

* Loss of Employment 

* Career Counseling 

* Grief, Loss, Bereavement

* Starting College 

* Daily Life Stressors

* Self- Doubt

* Self-Esteem

* Midlife Crisis 

* Money & Financial Issues 

* Finding your Purpose in Life

Want to Get Started on Your New Journey?

Family First is by Appointment Only 

Please call us at 773-595-5794 to Schedule an Appointment

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