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Co-Parenting Therapy 

Co-parenting is an arrangement between parents to work together in the best interest of their child. Often times this arrangement is ideal until their is a rupture in the parental relationship. For some parents, separating their personal relationship from the parenting relationship is an easy process; custody is not contested, they share time with their child, they attend school functions and extracurricular activities without fuss, and are essentially able to remain equally involved in each child’s life.


However, for parents in conflict, this process is difficult as someone usually contest custody, they want to split time with the child, they argue over school fees, and they argue over things as simple as where the child should spend summer vacations. This constant turmoil and the parents' inability to co-parent can cause emotional and psychological damage to their child.

Are you ready to start the healing process to help your family move forward??

Family First offers co-parenting therapy for parents who want to find a common ground or parents who are court ordered to participate in co-parenting therapy. Family First facilitates a reality based therapeutic approach to move parents beyond their conflict and guide them into an equable parenting agreement.   

Family First is by Appointment Only 

Please call us at 773-595-5794 to Schedule an Appointment

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