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Parenting Classes

Family First Domestic & Family Counseling Clinic offers a 6-week, 60-min per week education course, which focuses on parenting skills for children birth through teenage years. Parents will complete a total  of 6 hours of parent training. Parent coaching is offered to Family First parents who have successfully completed the parent education courses at an additional cost. Parents who have complete parenting classes elsewhere are also eligible for parent coaching, please call for additional details

Parent Coaching 

Parenting Coaching is the application of parenting techniques in the home. Parents meet with a parent coach to develop a solution based family plan aimed at solving present issues that family may be experiencing. Parenting Coaching helps parents assess strengths and weaknesses, set goals, develop healthy communication skills, set boundaries, and more !!
What to Expect?
Consultation Conversation: Parents schedule a 20-min in-person conversation with a parent coach to talk about your family's expectations and to determine if parent coaching is right for your family.
Coaching Sessions: After it has been determined that parent coaching is right for your family's needs an initial coaching session is scheduled. Coaching sessions are approximately 50 mins in length. Sessions are usually scheduled 10 to 14 days apart to allow parents to implement techniques and tools discussed. Additional sessions can also be requested. Most parents feel 4 to 6 sessions are the perfect amount of sessions to supplement their parenting education, while some parents prefer less or ongoing support.
Who can participate in parent coaching?
Family First parent coaches work directly with the parents. We prefer that parents establish themselves as the authority figure and not the parent coach. Sessions typically include spouses, civil partners, grandparents, stepparents, foster parents, and adoptive parents. 
Parent Coaching Fees 
* $ 85     Per Session
* $ 150   2 Session Package
* $ 255   4 Session Package
* $ 375   6 Session Package  



Are you Ready to get Your Family on a New Path?

Family First is by Appointment Only 

Please call us at 773-595-5794 to Schedule an Appointment

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