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Family & Divorce Mediation 

What is Family & Divorce Mediation?

Family & Divorce Mediation is an alternative process to help parties find solutions to issues such as child custody and the separation of assets.

Does the mediator take sides?

No, a mediator is a neutral third party who does not work for the court system or the parties involved in the mediation. The mediator assist parties in developing a mutual agreed plan that parties can present to court that helps move cases forward. 

5 Advantages of Mediation 

Author: Cathy Meyer 

1. You save time and money. If successful, mediation means sidestepping the formal process of divorce court. This shortens the process for the parties and helps minimize the caseload of the Family Court System.

2. Mediation is fair to all concerned. The mediator is a third party who has no interest in the outcome. He / she stands to gain nothing. Because of their objectivity they may be able to see solutions the parties can’t because they are not emotionally invested in the outcome.

3. Mediation is a confidential process. There is no court reporter taking down every word said. Any notes taken by the mediator are thrown away afterwards. You don’t have to worry about your “dirty laundry” being aired in public. There is no public court process.

4. Mediation avoids long, drawn out litigation, saves money in attorney fees and cuts down on the steps one normally has to go through to obtain a divorce.

5. The divorcing couple is in control and not at the mercy of a divorce court judge.


Family Mediation Fees: $350 (two pre-mediation meetings, email & phone correspondences, two person mediation, mediation documents- 90mins to 2 hours). Additional mediation meetings, $150.00 per 60min session. 

Are you Ready to Schedule Mediation Services?

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