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Psychological Assessments 

Family First Domestic & Family Counseling Clinic offers a range of evaluation services for adolescents and adults. Assessments are conducting in the areas of:

*Child Custody Evaluation - A Child Custody Evaluation is psychological investigation into a child's home, family environment, background, and other circumstances of a child, which is used by the court system to determine child custody and access to the child. Child Custody Evaluations focus on the psychological best interest of the child.

*Diagnostic Clarification -  An assessment to provide diagnostic clarification is a comprehensive analysis of an individual that will yield a diagnosis and treatment recommendations.

*Domestic Violence Assessment - During a domestic violence assessment individuals will be interviewed in relation to their history of domestic violence. Assessment will provide domestic violence treatment recommendations. 

*Parenting Capacity Evaluation - A Parenting Capacity Evaluation is a thorough and comprehensive evaluation of a parent's or caregiver's risk for neglect and/or abuse.


*Psychological Functioning/Assessment of Global Functioning - A thorough and comprehensive evaluation of an individual's psychological, social, occupational, mental, intellectual, cognitive, personality, and emotional function to form a clinical conceptualization and produces treatment recommendations. 

*Substance Abuse Assessment - A comprehensive analysis of an individual's substance use history and current substance use to provide treatment recommendations and level of care.  

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