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Family strengthen each other during storms. They help us to be strong. After all, it is a family tradition. Our roots are deeper, our hearts are stronger, we never give up.     



-Karen L Madewell

What's Going on at Family First:


Family First has open individual and couples therapy slots available 7 days a week !! 

We accept Blue Cross/Blue Shield for most of our therapy services. Please call your insurance company to verify benefits.

Ready to schedule your first session? Give us a call at


Group Therapy 

Due to the current pandemic Family First's domestic violence PAIP not enrolling new members. However, you can now enroll in parenting and anger management groups !

Please call us for additional information at 773-595-5794 

Blogs, Vlogs, and Articles

Dr. Tiffany C. Brown is featured:

How Long Does it Take To Get Over A Long-Term Relationship? We Asked Experts

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Is Flirting Cheating?

-by: Carina Hsieh


The 50 Best Marriage Tips of All Time

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When Mama & Daddy Fight 

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When Mama & Daddy Fight was written to give a voice to the children who have witnessed domestic violence. Domestic violence impacts children cognitively, psychologically, emotionally, and physically. The essence of a child is forever changed when they witness violence and live in a chaotic environment. When Mama & Daddy Fight walks readers through a day in the life of children who witnessed domestic violence as they attempt to navigate friendships, school, familial relationships, and manage their emotions.

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Administrative Hours M-F 9:30am - 2:30pm 

9522 S. Halsted Street

Chicago, IL 60628

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