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Are you feeling blindsided by your partner’s decision to end the relationship? Have you finally decided that it is time to move forward in life without your mate?

Are you experiencing ……………..

  • pain

  • hopelessness

  • resentfulness

  • confusion

  • frustration

  • sadness 

……Then the Revive: Divorce support group is right for you

Whether you need support navigating the legal process, you’re stuck in the post-divorce rut, or you are unsure of how to move forward, Family First’s six week divorce support group is designed to help you understand the legal process, release negative emotions, make good rational decisions throughout the divorce, and begin the process of healing and redefining your life.


·   WEEK 1: Acknowledging the Present

Understanding the divorce process and what it means to you 


·   WEEK 2: Taking Personal Responsibility for Your Feelings

Understanding your emotions and how they affect your actions and reactions 

·   WEEK 3: Keeping the kids OUT of the Divorce

Co-parenting without the emotional attachment

·   WEEK 4: The Art of Detachment

Grieving the relation in a health manner in order to move forward

·   WEEK 5: Reframe & Release

Redefining your perspective about the divorce


·   WEEK 6: Redefine, Renew, & Refresh

Adjusting your life, goal setting, and redefining yourself after divorce 

 Starting February 2, 2019

Saturdays 1pm to 2:30pm (Women) & 3pm to 4:30pm (Men)



$40 per session

*Groups may also be covered by BCBSIL PPO or other insurances call for information*

Ready to get signed up ??

Give us a call at 773-595-5794 

sign up here:

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